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About Us

Company History. PentaFarms is a company belonging to the Penta group companies, which are characterized by their management skills and deep knowledge of the sectors in which they participated. Its main partners, Carlos Alberto Delano and Carlos Eugenio Lavin, have a strong relation with the national fruit sector, both families having been linked for decades to fruit production and other agricultural products in Chile. Penta Farms is the first joint effort of both businessmen. Mercedario Agricultural Ltd. was created in 2006 with the aim of cultivating and commercializing the best fresh fruit export in demanding markets. Subsequently, in 2009, a cherry production field in the Curicó area was added. Nowadays, Penta Farms has 900 hectares to produce the best avocados, grapes and cherries from Chile.

PENTAFARMS | Avda. El Bosque Norte 0440 piso 15, Las Condes, Santiago - Chile | Teléfono: (56-9) 9323 9101 / (56-53) 433 921| E-mail: